BP Bungles PR Bundle

This week in The Misadventures of BP: Top execs have found themselves forced to admit to their company’s newfound penchant for Photoshop. Recent photos of BP “taking care of business” were revealed to be nothing more than sloppy software editing and misguided PR.

BP's second doctored image, bearing no relation to reality

The idiocy of this company is surely astounding…

A spokesman for the oil behemoth said that the company would “refrain from doing cutting-and-pasting.” Personally, this takes the cake as the quote of the week. This cat sounds like a senior citizen circa ’97 trying to open MS Word. Who gives these people access to technology, anyway?

The second of two doctored images (in as many days) shows a couple of helicopter pilots perusing the gulf cleanup operation. A closer look would reveal to the chopper-savvy that the helicopter is, in fact, not flying. Rather, it’s the victim of yet another Photoshop project gone wrong. Apparently, the helicopter’s door and ramp were left open pre-photo-op, and the parking brake was engaged. Nice one, BP.

For all the hooting and hollering one can find on sites like Reddit and Facebook, this is really just another speed bump on the road to madness. And for a company that placed its CEO in timeout last week, the sky is the limit as far as blunders go. Although none of these missteps will ever eclipse the hundred million gallons or so of oil that annihilated the Gulf of Mexico, the surrounding ecosystems, the related food chains or the innumerable facets of life that were interrupted by this atrocity.

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