Aloha from Sunny Cleveland…

The name’s Sandy. And I’ve recently found myself among the millions of Americans who make up our so-called “workforce.” You could say that, for now, my graduation actually helps inflate the US’s unemployment rate. Hey, it was a lofty goal and I’ve accomplished it.

But seriously, I’m diving headfirst into what ancient sages market as the “real world.” Following four years at a proverbial den of iniquity, I’m ready to actually put my skill set to good use. That’s where this little corner of the Internet comes in. I’m hoping it becomes a handy tool for employers and fans (huh?) alike. I”ll throw some clips from the past up here and I’ll spasmodically post some kind of rant against the corporate machine, man.

So make yourself comfortable. Kick off the shoes and pour yourself a tall glass of relaxation. It’s gonna be a great trip…

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