Life In A Day: Not 24/7, Just 7/24

Taking the YouTube thang to a whole new level, Ridley Scott and Kevin MacDonald (both respected Hollywood vets) are going to put together an experimental new documentary. Or, rather, you are. Or, wait, you’re going to film the movie and they’re going to put it all together.

Anyway, here’s the scoop: Tomorrow, July 24, people around the world have the opportunity to film their life throughout the day. Normally, this wouldn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary these days. But the catch is a bit more grandiose than usual. Scott and MacDonald will compile and edit all the good stuff (re: typical, over-emotive YouTube fare). The end result, the “compelling and distinctive footage” they’ve gathered, will make its way to Sundance in January, whereupon it will surely reap the critics’ praise and tears. The film, by its very novel nature, is indeed poised to be the darling of the festival this winter.

The gist of the project is pretty open-ended. Barring trademarked brands, copyrighted music and the like, everything is basically on the table.

“It’s going to be an amazing time capsule,” MacDonald said. And that seems to be an important point in this story. While YouTube itself functions as a smorgasbord of current trends and cultural shifts, this documentary will, at the very least, cement our human concerns upon the increasingly dissolving time line of modernity.

Unfortunately, while the directors seem intent on revealing global answers and gauging some kind of planetary emotional temperature, one has to assume that much of the world, as per usual, will go forgotten. One of the guidelines makes it clear that there will be “no language barriers.” Props to the directors if they can shape a true worldwide snapshot, but one shouldn’t be surprised if and when the film oozes Western cultural ideals.

Either way, be on the lookout for all sorts of would-be Steven Spielbergs and Michael Moores (egads!) tomorrow. The film, which will also be smeared across YouTube in early 2011, will be something worth catching, for better or worse.

Without further ado, here’s Mr. Scott on the matter:

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