On the Legalization of Herb

It is true that the era of marijuana’s illegality is drawing to a close. It is also true that marijuana’s illegality, when contrasted against the free & legal nature of alcohol, will forever constitute a genuine enigma. Kind of like, when did time begin, dude?!?

Gotta love R. Crumb's artistic touch...

November will have Californians taking to the polls and choosing whether or not to “Control and Tax” cannabis. The economic advantages are being touted throughout the blogosphere. And there’s a lot of validity there. For such a simple argument, however, there do seem to be infinite upsides and downsides and sidewayssides.

Artist Haik Hoisington takes a particularly colorful approach to highlighting the absurdity of a society hellbent against marijuana. In his animation, “The Flower,” Hoisington demonstrates the absolute no-brainer that this question really is. While crafting a society of shapeless hedonists is a bit of a reach, the point is certainly well taken. The advantages of a pro-pot society are, in short, awesome.

However, one point that most people and politicians seem to gloss over has to do with culture. Any respectable stoner knows that there are all sorts of norms and mores associated with the lifestyle. From buying dimes to rolling spliffs, there’s a list of do’s and don’ts that’ll make your eyes bleed.

For instance, stretch this legalization out on a long enough timeline, and you’ll find yourself buying packs of j’s from your local Walgreens. There’s something a little bit lackluster there.

This is your Corporate America on Drugs

Listen, the cashiers will be just as slow as your old dealer, but they won’t be nearly as stupidly funny. And there’s less of a chance that they’ll hook ya up for being a true bud (or just’ cause they themselves are ripped to all hell).

The counterculture, while more of a sarcastic witticism these days, should always be a vibrant aspect of American life. Legalizing pot can only lead to a further corporate raping of Cool.

So, make your call, Californians. This will be, at the very least, the most fun you’ll have casting a vote since… well, I guess this will be a first. I’ll see ya in the Twilight Zone, folks.

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