Yet Another Oil Spill Story

OK, OK, so the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (a.k.a. the BP Shitstorm) is ever so slowly winding down. We’re 100 days into the madness and BP is closing in on its “static kill” plan – the most accepted in a long line of half-baked solutions. The idea – essentially plugging the well with cement and mud – is expected to kick off this weekend (or by Monday, the target date. Sure.)

Either way, the oil tragedies are not over for the US. One of the largest oil spills in US history (again?!) is currently underway on the Kalamazoo River, about 60 miles from Lake Michigan. The New York Times has reported on the spill, which started on Wednesday.

This new chapter in oil mania brings us more of the same: Energy companies quipping about returning communities to their “original state,” as well as governmental calls of inadequacy. This time, the company in question is Enbridge Energy Partners, a Canadian company based in Houston.

While the Michigan spill is certain to remain dwarfed by the disaster in the Gulf, it simply highlights the increasing frequency of oil spills inside (and outside) the US. This should demonstrate the sheer international nature of energy-related tragedies. At the end of the day, the blame game should be cast aside in favor of multilateral cooperation.

Eh, who am I kiddin’? Here’s WXYZ from Detroit –

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