Cleveland magazine will drop “This Modern World”

Tom Tomorrow’s weekly political comic strip, “This Modern World,” is apparently being dropped from Cleveland’s Scene Magazine, effective Jan. 1.

Until then, Tomorrow is encouraging genuine protest from fans of his work.

According to the cartoonist, the strip is “a victim of budgetary cutbacks.” It’s a narrative that’s blanketed the newspaper industry for years now. And it’s as unfortunate as ever that someone with a unique voice and numerous fans has to get the axe.

Contact Erich Burnett at eburnett@clevescene to drop some wisdom on the newsroom over at Scene.

“This Modern World” will, however, continue running in about 80 newspapers across the U.S. Websites like will also keep the strip alive – replete with its maniacal caricatures of the contemporary political and social arenas.

Check out some examples of the strip’s biting wit here:

Language is a Virus

Then and Now with Goofus and Gallant

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