More talk of the ‘social media revolution’

Robert Hernandez, @webjournalist, thankfully applied a little dose of perspective to the plethora of social media debates that are never far from our monitors.

Follow the leader, everybody!...(sigh)

He makes a variety of good points including one of the most important ones in life: maintain moderation. There will always be extremist arguments

(many of which are valid and, yes, we need the radical nature of rhetoric to make progress), but the insistence on the ‘social media revolution’ is a bit overblown.

Hernandez makes an apt metaphor:

I tell folks to frame social media apps just like a telephone.

There are hundreds of incredibly insightful, powerful conversations happening over the phone right now. But, there are also several thousands of mundane and truly painful “conversations” as well.

It’s not the telephone’s fault. It’s how people use it.

Social media comprise a fantastic new platform. It’s well worth exploring its every cavity and crevice – the good and the bad. But, as Hernandez notes, it’s all about perspective, baby.

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