Things are changing here at The Telescope. The website will be undergoing a bit of a Reconstruction Period in order to become a more effective outlet for its patented brand of “news, commentary & harassment.”

First off, the URL has been changed to It’s sleeker and more to-the-point.

Secondly, a handful of new tabs will soon be appearing at the top of the page. “Photography” has been the first addition. It’s a chance to provide users with a bit of a getaway. I’ll be posting some interesting photos from different points in time. Often context-free, these photos will ideally represent simplified takes on the sordid world around us.

Send a message and suggest other, more unusual pathways to explore.

Recent posts have taken a decidedly firm route toward media-related conversation. This is good. There’s a semblance of direction forming here. Now, I’m in complete support of letting this organization fall into chaos and covering a wide swath of topics. That’ll still happen on some level. But The Telescope will be turning its gaze toward the wicked world of media studies.

As a brief coda here, it should be disclosed that The Telescope does not endorse these kind of posts (the “Hey-You-Here’s-What’s-Happening-At-A-Flatlining-Blog” posts). However, the fight truly must go on.

In Solidarity,


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