Seasoned Wormholes

I’m not one to indulge the changing of the seasons with some trite column on the color of leaves or the smell of autumnal reverberations. Though the swell of Lake Erie is certainly having some delirious effect on the residents who live nearby, this time of year should be reserved for quiet contemplation. not ridiculous murmurs of red, gold and orange.

Eh, nonetheless, it’s October. And that’s a great month. Bookended by Halloween on the other side, this month, especially in this year, does represent some sort of churning of the tides. I’ve been noticing streets across the country filling up with conversation – most of it civil, actually. The #OccupyWallSt protests have spurred similar gatherings around the country. #OccupyCleveland held its first General Assembly today. The group spent a lot of time divided up into working groups, according to several Twitter feeds. With this kind of loosely-formed congregation, the lack of a clear direction may be one of its strengths. Just get people talking. Speaking with one another. Face to face.

Wow – What a revelation! Indeed, the trees are setting themselves on fire as people around the country engage one another in mostly thoughtful discourse.

There are problems out there. But what are these problems and how can we solve them? Answers to those questions won’t be found on the Internet – especially not on this hovel of a blog.

I’m not sure what to think about how 2011 will end. Residual elements of the Arab Spring are evident in several of today’s American subcultures. Yes, the seasons are changing and, it seems, so are the heartstrings of a young nation.

In the shadow of a potentially disastrous 2012 general election, this is a very potent time. There are signs of change everywhere – from the mighty oaks that dwell outside your window to the determined eyes and closed fists of a generation born divided.

It’s the autumn of unity. Go outside and breathe and meditate and dance and scream and talk with the people around you.

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