On considering the Romney videos

The most disturbing thing about the Romney video leaks is the disconnect between what he’s saying on the campaign trail and what he’s saying behind closed doors to donors who (for whatever inane reason) decided to fork over $50,000 each to hear this dimwit prattle on.

Here’s WaPo’s Greg Sargent on the matter:

I don’t know if Romney believes this or not. But the fact that he’s claiming to believe this is what matters. He is adhering to a view of the social contract and government’s role in combating the vagaries of fortune that is deeply unbalanced and out of step with mainstream American opinion.

My quick take is that, even though presidential candidates represent two sides of the same coin, there’s a clear ideological shift between them. And both views will serve to distort history in their own *special* ways. Yes, yes, voting is, in its own way, a very unique kind of sham, but elections are often subtly built around which version of history you’d like to see written down haphazardly in your children’s textbooks.

Or, alternatively, which candidate’s smarmy smile makes your stomach churn less.

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