GOP to wrangle those Western Ohio voters

“Before a lot of Dockers get twisted into bunches, let it be said that an Obama challenger had (and has) lots of openings to unseat the president. The problem, it appears, is that Romney is the wrong challenger.”

That’s The Plain Dealer’s Tom Suddes on the ineptitude of the Romney campaign, especially in Battleground: Ohio.

And this is a fairly important point (not that it matters much this late in the game, but…). Obama walked into 2012 with the long, bumpy road to November ahead of him. But the Republican primaries, which seemed more like one prolonged drinking game, coughed up perhaps the most backwards candidate for president we’ve seen in quite some time.

So, this week we’ll see Willard hit the I-75 campaign trail, trying to rally the collective groans of Ohio’s more conservative counties.

The state seems fairly locked up for Obama’s camp, but we’ll see if this Western Ohio raid stirs up any percentage points for the GOP.

Just my Monday musings here…

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