Seismic cultural shifts ahead

Lots of great takeaways from last night’s main event, but this one is particularly powerful *and* succinct. Ben Smith and Zeke Miller (the latter covered the race this year with, ahem, APLOMB) point out that there is indeed a seismic cultural shift under way in America.

These times bear no resemblance to what was seizing for prominence in corners of the 1960s. But the forces of reason and rational thought are strong and we’re not letting pockets of hate and selfishness and, oh, I don’t know, the THEFT OF WOMEN’S RIGHTS, the BURIAL OF TRUTH, the LIES OF CORPORATE ‘PERSONHOOD’ thrive.

I’m doing a great deal of writing on this season today, but I wanted to post my quick take. When I read the piece from Smith and Miller last night, that really hit the point home. My girlfriend and I had been talking about the triumph of reason following the networks’ call in favor of Obama. More than a victory, last night was a reaffirmation.

I was tense last night, anxious that things might go horribly wrong. So I watched Obama’s acceptance speech with relieved pride and a healthy look toward the future. What made the night so much better were the marriage equality votes, the marijuana legalization votes, the defeats of Republicans who thought they could speak over women and their rights and the consolidation of a Democratic majority in the Senate

The line between liberal and conservative has never been so bold and etched into our collective present. But I wish there wasn’t this line.

Far from knowing what sort of future lay ahead, the best I can say now is that Obama’s calls for an active and celebratory hope serve as a worthy backbone going forward.

If you were duped into complacency following the progressive let-down of Obama’s first term, that’s understandable. But this reaffirmation should help rekindle thoughts of cultural equality, love and the ceaseless tides of truth. (Not trying to sound starry-eyed right now, but…)

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