Roldo Bartimole’s muckraking newsletter finally gets some digital shelf space

Roldo Bartimole, often cited locally as Cleveland’s original alternative journalist, wrote and edited a newsletter entitled Point of View from 1968 to 2000. The full collection – his life’s work – was conveniently published online this week.

Roldo’s quite the reporter. He still maintains a post at He’s also maintained a full-time enmity against nearly all local pols and press phonies. That spirit of iconoclasm is still being carried out in Cleveland, though mostly in quieter corners of the city. The local media have been consolidated to the point of absurdity since Roldo began his fight so many years ago. But his voice still very much matters.

The issue in which Roldo takes 25 years of mayoral bullshit to task is a gem. I’ve got a handful of notable editions at my desk, but this concise overview of the corporate-political establishment in Cleveland is both a resource and an entertaining read.

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