Recent stuff

To accompany the redesign here, a list of things I’ve been enjoying lately:

  • The Longform Podcast. I’ve been commuting from Akron to Cleveland for the past month or so — and will continue through the end of the year — and that means I’ve got plenty of time in the car. (And I can only listen to so much Phish, really.) Longform serves up a terrific podcast that enlightens me on my way to work my next story.
  • Following that from that, Jon Mooallem. I’ve been really taken by his writing style since first reading “What’s A Monkey To Do in Tampa?” His two Longform episodes are great, but his magazine stuff — and his book, Wild Ones — have really shed light on how to convey narratives in an authoritative, earnest, conversational tone.
  • ALO. The new album is excellent.
  • Distinctly *not* any of these pumpkin ales, despite past years’ satisfaction.
  • Mindfulness.
  • The idea of goal-setting. I’m going into November with four goals: three vices that I will shed and a new daily activity, which will be a minimum of 20 minutes of meditation. I used to meditate daily in college, but I lost the habit.
  • The idea of the vegan diet. Whether or not I’ll pursue it, well… I watched Cowspiracy in September. It was one of the most compelling pieces of rhetoric I’ve ever encountered.
  • The Amish belt I purchased last week in Mesopotamia, Ohio. The man who made it, Eli Miller, told me I’ll never have to buy another belt in my lifetime.
  • etc.

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