At the library, and I’ve forgotten my headphones. I thought that I may have forgotten them as I drove into town, but I didn’t check — and, either way, it would have been too late to turn back. It’s fine. I’ve got a few good tunes stuck in my head.

The Fairview Park branch of the Cuyahoga County Library System is a wonderful place. Glass-windowed all ’round and neatly organized within. If I find myself in need of refuge on the west side of Cleveland, this is where I go. (The book and film selection is, most days, better than the other branches.) There’s a quiet corner on the second floor — desks nestled against those windows — where few people hang out. It’s often totally empty, welcoming. That’s where I work.

It’s been a good week, building on a good year so far. I’m more in tune with breath and sense of focus than usual, which is nice. I’m meditating like I used to. That’s all a vague goal that I’ve been working on for some time. I’m feeling… on the verge of something(s)…

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