Cleveland rush

Everyone should read up on Metroparks CEO Brian Zimmerman’s big-ass pay raise — approved by the board and funded by all of us!

Even more so, everyone should read the comments on that linked piece and take note of the weirdly brash Zimmerman apologia. That’s not unique to the dunces that frequently comment on Scene‘s website. There is, as writer Sam Allard points out, an unsettling insistence in Cleveland on rushing to the defense of private and public wealth. A good conversation unfolds around this idea, as it should.

In Allard’s own words:

We should expect leaders to defend moves like this one, esp. when they involve public funds. I don’t know why in this town, everyone rushes to defend the leaders before they even know what’s up. The onus should be on the leaders to fully justify their decisions, and more so when they attempted to make them behind the scenes.

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