“English Brown Ale” is not a thing I’ll typically rush toward, but there’s something about Abita Brewing Co.’s Turbodog that has kept me coming back for years. I don’t find it in the wild very often — most Cleveland outposts seem to order only Abita’s Purple Haze, which tastes odd — but when I do, there’s no hesitation. Banter, on West 74th and Detroit, stocks the stuff in six-pack form and individual bottles. Terrific! (Also, the sausage offerings are decadent.)


  • The Accidentals. Last night’s Keller show was an absolute blur, but I distinctly remember enjoying the opening set. The two girls in this band traded guitar/bass duties throughout the show, but, either way, whoever was playing the bass at a given time was throwing down some very heavy stuff. Good band.
  • Tonsils. Overrated.
  • 1/2/16 Tweezer. I can’t stop playing this one. The 11th minute leads into a truly incredible moment, where Trey and Fish sort of syncopate off each other (soon after the 12-min. mark). I was losing my goddam mind during this set at MSG, and this portion of the jam ushered in the bliss trip that would carry the audience to the end and into Sand > Limb by Limb. From the 13th minute onward, Trey keeps drifting along these gentle, repeated riffs. Once he lays that groundwork, though, I’m completely tuning into Fish. (Those two guys claim MVP status in this one. Just fucking incredible performances.)

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