An excerpt, on quality in experience, from my interview with Chris Robinson

“It’s funny, in Vermont and shit, this craft beer — and I don’t even drink beer anymore — but this craft beer movement and stuff, I was interested in that because I like the idea of connoisseur culture. You know? I realized I’m not good at the tourist thing; I never was. I don’t do it as a traveler for the past 30 years and I don’t do it as an artist. I dig it if people are casual, and I understand there’s a surface involvement with anything. But just like you can buy a case of Bud Light and have a blast with your friends and listen to whatever — or, you know, like people here in California will wait in line to buy two bottles of Pliny The Elder that cost more than the other beers and you can only get two until another six weeks, and then they walk away and they’re the happiest people you’ve ever seen. I understand that. Your favorite Italian restaurant might be on a side street in Rome, while other people might go to Olive Garden. It’s totally fine, you know what I mean? I’m just saying there’s a difference in experience and a difference in what we’re trying to get out of it.”

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