This didn’t have to happen

Between the DeVos vote, the bill to dismantle the EPA, the notion that Frederick Douglass is still alive, the Muslim travel ban, the Bannon NSC consolidation, the Dakota Access order, the Fifth Avenue secret service costs, the absolute insistence on lying and lying and lying — to say nothing of the president’s extremely long neckties — the only thing I’m left with most days is a seething rage at the people who chose not to vote last fall or who did cast a vote for hatred, a vote that guarantees pain and cruelty inflicted on millions of Americans for years to come.

Selling off our legacy of public education wholesale?

This didn’t have to happen.

The one redemption here is the incredible display of dissent and protest across the country. There have been some truly admirable moments in American history these past few weeks. Kleptocracies have plenty of weaknesses.

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