50 Days

Here‘s the sound of one man taking 50 days to create not only a new world but rules for that world — rules for that game — and spin 50 new tracks into our universe, producing unique visions each day until the prescribed 50 were all there: ready for sharing.

Oh, and here too.

In 2012, Ta-ku released the two-part 50 Days for Dilla, a collection of hard work spent in the course of that eponymous calendar. All the tracks are a tribute in one way or another to J Dilla, an utterly influential artist from another time in America. With Dilla as the roadmap, Ta-ku opens an enticing window to that time — even as he creates something new, fresh-sounding, danceable & tranceable. The homage is paid, and the horizon is acknowledged.

It is, also, a really swell, temporary antidote to the barrage of whatever is brewing in this country these days. Great music for whatever your environment might be.


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