Take the flyway

Prothonotary warbler at Magee Marsh. Photo by Jack Moore.

I was thinking this morning that it’s getting to be time to return to Magee Marsh.

I first visited the marsh in May this year to report on climate change in America. I ended up loving the trip, and I came back to Cleveland with an eye on the region’s prime birdwatching spots.

Fall migration is under way now, and I’m curious to see it in action. In Ohio, we live right along the nexus of the Mississippi and Atlantic flyways — longitudinal corridors that have served for millennia as the great highways of the bird world. It’s a unique and thrilling vantage point, I learned, and people come from around the world to take in the sights along Lake Erie.

It’s also just kind of meditative to spend an afternoon on the beach, watching birds fly into and out of your sight.

“I cannot fathom a greater connection to Earth appreciation than birds,” Jen Brumfield told me after the Magee excursion. “Besides — I will say this — gardening. Everybody loves flowers.”


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