Difficult people

I didn’t publish anything here yesterday; I was celebrating the wedding of two good friends, and the morning slipped away before I had to hit the road. So this is a second piece for the weekend to get me back on track, because that was the challenge: One post a day.

It’s been a good rhythm so far, a good constant. I plan on continuing into October, as well. And as Andrew writes today, our friend Jonathan has joined him and me and Teddy in our daily writing practice. You should join us too.

Andrew also writes in today’s post about the Society for Difficult People, a collective of like-minded people who set difficult goals that must be accomplished within the week. We used to meet regularly before work; now we post occasionally in a private Facebook group. The group’s membership is international, its ambitions unbound.

In conjunction with Charles Duhigg’s The Power of Habit, the Society has propelled me into a healthier lifestyle. I’ve maintained regular meditation practice since the early days of the Society and I’ve (slowly) taken on a more regimented morning routine, which has been a recurring goal over the last few years. I’ve changed my diet wholesale, dropping meat and dairy in favor of vegetables and fruits and legumes; the wonders of sauteed vegetables for breakfast are endless.

The point is the accountability, I think. Forcing yourself to check in on a regular basis will force the achievement. Having to explain your progress to a group is a helpful part of the habit-forming process.

And so with this September challenge continuing apace, it’s important to remember that difficult things can be accomplished with just a small degree of mindfulness and dedication. From there, your life will change completely.

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