Three feet off the mark every now and then

I did not accomplish my goal for September. And I won’t be able to accomplish it this month, either. I’m totally fine with this. There’ll be another chance down the line.

A lot of things happened last week that swept me away from my daily writing on this website. Some of those things had been planned well in advance, and I was prepared to write a few stories ahead of time and schedule them out on a nice daily basis. Then other things happened that weren’t planned at all, and my schedule spiraled out of control a bit.

The long and short of it is that my uncle died last Wednesday, and one of my best friends got married on Saturday (in Phoenix). I’ll be attending the calling hours for Uncle Steve today, and joining my cousins as a pallbearer tomorrow morning. The last week of conversations with family members and thoughts about my uncle’s passing has been tough — particularly on an empathetic level, in which I consider the pain of my dad (Steve’s brother) and my aunt and my cousins (his three kids, all around my age). I’ve been thinking about what they’ve been thinking about.

The wedding, meanwhile, was lovely. I joined some of my lifelong friends in the Arizona heat for a three-day extravaganza. My, how we laughed. And drank. And celebrated.

I guess the whole point of this post today is a bit of recognition that not all goals are met — but there’s always another shot at them, right around the corner of the calendar.

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