Sherrod Brown decries Wall Street vote

“The vice president only shows up in this body when the rich and the powerful need him. Well, it’s pretty clear tonight that Wall Street needs him. This vote will make the rich richer, it will make the powerful more powerful.” — U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

Brown was talking about the 51-50 vote finished off by Vice President Mike Pence, which will overturn a consumer protection rule written by Richard Cordray’s CFPB. (Cordray, of course, is another Ohioan. He has hinted at a run for governor next year.)

“Republicans latched on to the rule as a way to cast the agency as a player in the regulatory regime that was impeding business and the economy,” Jessica Silver-Greenberg writes, exposing the rhetoric behind some of the more divisive and evil machinations of Congress in the last decade.

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