End of session

That’s a wrap, folks. Today is my final day at Scene. It’s been an absolutely thrilling five years of adventurous journalism, creative prose, inside jokes and more than a few late nights of frenzied writing against fierce deadlines. What a ride!

On our best days, most days, I felt that we had beaten them all, that we had shown this city what it truly was and what it truly could be. I’m very proud of my contribution to the history of Scene and to the story of Cleveland. I’m looking forward to seeing what my friends on staff do in the months and years ahead; I’ll be following their work closely, and you should too.

Thank you all for reading along as I’ve made my way here as a writer. I appreciate your attention and your feedback beyond words. I could fill a book with my experiences at the magazine, and maybe someday I will.

But before that, I’ll be honing my focus on a long-running passion of mine: I’ll be joining the excellent staff of Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary Magazine, reporting on the industry nationwide and the vanguard of the reform movement.

I’ll still be here in Cleveland, so stop by anytime. Coffee’s always on, and the music never stops. Selah.

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