Support the Marijuana Justice Act

I’m very curious about what might happen to mass-shooting statistics after we legalize cannabis in the U.S. — after we reduce our dependency on opiates and psychotropic pharmaceuticals, and after we reduce violent crime rates (and the racist, divisive overtones of incarceration rates) that surround the black-market marijuana trade, and after we collectively step back from the technological anxiety that destroys young minds in this country. I think it’s not hard to imagine a more empathetic society when certain walls are torn down.

I’m being a little glib here, but, honestly, I say this as a longtime cannabis user and supporter: Maybe we take a different tack as American constituents after each mindless mass murder going forward? The gun nuts and the gun-control nuts aren’t budging. It’s very boring and sad and numbing to see people argue with slipshod grammar and emotional memes every single time we go through this spin cycle of AR-15 seventh-period bloodbath. It’s embarrassing and useless — a disingenuous counterpoint to “thoughts and prayers.”

Call your elected representatives today and urge them to co-sponsor the Marijuana Justice Act. It’s been introduced in the House and the Senate. I suggest this earnestly.

(I think it goes without saying that we need tighter gun control regulations and an overturn ruling on Citizens United. I mean, come on.)

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