Probably the thing I dislike most about news media (and social media) is the political anointing we see each election cycle. It imparts a willful ignorance — and it’s at least one component of why many Americans thought it was even remotely acceptable to vote for an absolute moron for president in 2016 (or, worse yet, not to vote at all). It’s a narrow-minded shortcut that leaves no room for actual free thought. You can’t afford to be neutral on a moving train.

I see it in the 2018 Ohio governor’s race, which is turning out to be The Richard Cordray Show. Once his circus left Washington, the entire state pretty much wrote off what was becoming at least a mildly interesting Democratic field (Ohio Democrats being, more often than not, one of the more boring and loathsome political species). At least those anodyne debates last fall gave us some political positions to chew. Note that there are no policy statements on Cordray’s website, no *vision* of any kind for this state that he left seven years ago. And with Betty Sutton leaping onto the ticket (almost immediately!), this scans as an extremely short-sighted plan for the Democratic party in Ohio. He’s no Ed “Temps” FitzGerald, but in dim light he sort of resembles the guy.