The slide

If you’re not jarred by the “historic handshake” adorning the front page of your wispy-thin Plain Dealer this morning, then perhaps take a closer look at the casual longing in your president’s body language. Read the transcripts from Singapore. Here you see one tyrant jealous of another, more successful version of what he could become — of how he could rule!

Here, Umair Haque distills the decades-long slide into American authoritarianism. (His archive is riddled with historical context behind, e.g., late-1920s German economics and how patterns reproduce across history.) We’ve got a front-row seat for something that comes around every few generations in the modern world, and this week offers sterling examples of what most of us learned at the middle school lunch table: As one’s values shift, one’s friends will only put up with that horseshit for so long. This didn’t start with Trump, but the sheer velocity of the last two years is remarkable.

“His country does love him. His people, you see the fervor. They have a great fervor.”

Is Trump describing Kim and his concentration camps? Or is he projecting something?

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