The Cleveland bullshit problem

Good medicine here from Sam Allard in these trying times in Cleveland. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this essay, and it’s a great read for all Cleveland residents, all Cuyahoga County residents — especially those who have decided not to vote in recent elections. These things matter to local families and local businesses and local schools!

Cleveland has a serious bullshit problem, something that extends historically from the Chip On This City’s Shoulder. Our public representatives (that is to say, the Pomeranians that nest lazily in the laps of the Greater Cleveland Partnership) are very good at using bullshit as a rhetorical device. It nets them uncontested elections and a narrative that’s too good for the average Chud in Solon to pass up. Bullshit and lies are framing devices that fester when power is left unchecked — when there’s no force (like an election, maybe, or a concerted opposition raising hell in the streets) demanding that institution justify its power.

(It’s not a far cry from the gnawing frustration you may be feeling about a certain president.)

There are so many people with great, actionable ideas in Cleveland. And many of them are actually *doing* the good work of reshaping this city into something new, something meaningful and supportive for families of all backgrounds. It certainly is an exciting time to live here! With the right eyes and a kindness in your heart, you can find opportunities all over this city for whatever gifts you’d like to share. That’s the fundamental basis of this ramshackle Great Lakes outpost. The Lorenzo Carter spirit still lives!

But the people at the top? That rot you can smell on Lakeside Ave? The public “elites” have proven countless times and in countless contortions that they’re more interested in preserving power and pointing to absolute bullshit to justify their offices.

If anything, just read this terrific piece for the ass-crack line.

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