“Have a Snickers, sure. A Reese’s peanut butter cup. A Hershey. Kisses, bars, whatever. Hershey Kisses, sure. Have an Almond Joy. What’s wrong with an Almond Joy? Just one? Go ahead, have an Almond Joy if you want one so bad. Have an Almond Joy. Have yourself a Milky Way. The whole galaxy while you’re at it. Or a Hundred Grand bar. I could use a hundred grand, sure, but you go ahead and have one. Treat yourself. Have a Three Musketeers. Is that the one with the nougat? Is that right? I’m not stopping you: Have a Three Musketeers. Have a Twix bar. Have two Twixes. ‘The left Twix, the right Twix,’ didn’t they used to say that? The commercials? Have a Twix, I don’t care. Have two. Have a thing of M&M’s. Peanut. The yellow wrappers? Have a Mounds. A Mounds! For all the money in the world, I never understood the Mounds. Just get an Almond Joy while you’re at it. Same thing, but you get the almonds. A little crunch. You want a Mounds? Have one. Go ahead.”

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