Lo, the seasons change

I’ve been following the HappyDay Farms CSA newsletter all year, since I first interviewed Casey in early spring. It’s an evocative rumination on the passage of time and on the underlying connections between us animals and the earth, the soil, the sun. (HappyDay Farms is located in northern Mendocino County, California.) It is like a return to breath. Zazen observation.

The writing here is also one of the more helpful reminders I’ve found with respect to gratitude. Mindfulness. The idea of spending time on a set of words and ideas: reading other people’s thoughts and converting them, like chemical constituents, into action and grace. This is as good as ever to practice some sort of gratitude. Call attention to what you like, to what makes you whole, to what is happening within you, without you.

Outside, in Valley View, Ohio, Canal Road traffic flows like water. It is mid-morning. Hazy light.


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