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For years now, I’ve talked with friends about the ongoing freeway drag race toward authoritarian rule in America. It seemed like an obvious play from the jump: the reality TV goon spinning a carefully plotted narrative for the cameras. The pageantry of a new fascism. The military vehicles, the guns, the words. “Papers, please.”

The flash of full-body panic in the middle of a car accident.

We all know people who bought this gimmick in 2016, the shit-eating glad-handers who voted for this kleptocrat fool and his sadistic family, his rotating Cabinet cast, his gun-loving fearful followers. They wanted it all, and, boy howdy, we’re gonna get it now! They co-signed the violence, and it’s coming!

This piece is from 2016, already too late. But it’s a helpful reminder to know yourself. Write down your story. Write down your dreams. We were warned.

I know right where I stand. Fuck the president and fuck the police state. These words won’t help anything, but I know where I stand. All we can do is know ourselves and act accordingly.


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