This is not an election campaign

I’ve shared Umair Haque’s blog several times here over the years, and his 2020 writing is only growing more vital and urgent (pardon his need for a good copy editor). Now, we’re flying fast toward a point of no return. A stolen election is a neat and symbolically rich method for consolidating power on a level that Americans, lost outside of history, stuck inside the television forever, simply can’t comprehend.

If you think it can’t happen, I implore you to start thinking critically. Vote, of course (local elections matter!), and do what you can to track your ballot, but look within yourself for the values that will fortify your mind and body for a truly warped sense of reality, for “2 + 2 = 5” stamped onto your forehead each morning when you try to speak the truth.

To quote the authoritarian in the White House, speaking to you and me and everyone else is this Great and Mighty and Blameless country, “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” (July 2018)

He is not a president. This is not an election campaign.

I’m thinking less of Republicans and Democrats when I write about this, and more along the lines of what sort of ideology controls our very past and future. What is the meaning of America in the 21st century? What is “real”? Who are you? This is what Simon Sinek would call “the infinite game.”

I write this only to say to friends who’ve ignored the warning signs and disregarded words like “fascism” and “raids” and “shock troops” as alarmist, friends who secreted away their 2016 votes for a deranged tycoon, friends who now discount the total collapse of America—words matter. Reality is a fragile thing.

You still have the power to think for yourself, and that’s a rare treat on the long road of human history.

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