The last Phish show I saw was one year ago today.

It’s sort of a strange show, and the past year troubled its emotional grip even more. As we drove home in a blizzard that night, who could have guessed what we were moving toward (away from)?

I haven’t listened back too much, but at times this is a richly textured night of music. The core of the second set runs through a weird/moody sequence: Runaway Jim > Ghosts of the Forest > A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing > Prince Caspian > Fuego > YEM, and certain jam segments feel almost “watery,” like we’re coursing through submerged wreckage in some exotic gulf.

The memory is hazier than I’d like to be, frankly. Despite the goofball bustout encore, I feel like I left good friends on an odd note. That’s how it is sometimes, though, innit?

All that being said, the first-set Halley’s jam is some of the most chilled-out groovy funk I’ve heard from the band in recent years (outside of Tube, of course).

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