Before you was listening

We love the Barr Brothers in our house, but the band that came before was called The Slip. For those seeking a certain heady late-90s aesthetic, maybe with a dash of Saturday morning psilocybin in your head, this trio is hard to beat. Their early stuff is all but impossible to find in record stores anymore, but the internet is kind enough to supply stuff like the 12/31/00 Honey Melon, a 22-min. free improv trip complete with scat-bebop drum solo and at least one visitation from alien life forms onstage.

When they pick up the chorus again toward the end, listen to how Brad overlays the lyrics in a totally different time signature (this happens in other Slip songs, notably their groovy/ontological cover of “Before You Was Born” by Nathan Moore).

Which, speaking of, we may as well queue that one up.

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