Write it down

“If you’re looking for a New Year’s Resolution, keeping a daily notebook is a pretty solid one.” So sez Austin Kleon.

And I agree. My notebooks have been sporadic, but I do have 2013-2014 pretty well covered, and then I picked it back up 2017-present. Kleon’s three-notebook model is good, if you’re searching for a rhythm. I’ve got one that I use daily, a mix of creative writing, doodles, financial planning, reading reflections, all the early drafts of the shit that ends up on my blog. And then I’ve got a legal pad for more immediate scribbles, almost all of which get tossed in the recycling bin by the end of the day. I guess my goal at this point would be to add a small notebook for the daily stuff — mostly nonsense, stray ideas, all the dialogue snippets I would otherwise forget. Think of the notebook like a net for all the thoughts that rush out of your head.

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