‘The bigger, the smaller’

We can all become better writers. As the world moves further into AI/chat/text/emoji/email-based communications (i.e., further away from actual in-person dialogue, if you can even remember such a thing), clear writing sure makes life a hell of lot easier!

Roy Peter Clark is my favorite writerly guru, and he’s got another book coming out soon. This is cause for celebration where I come from. Same for writer Paul Khanna, apparently, who sent some snail mail to Clark and asked for a few hand-written pearls of wisdom. He did send $25 in cash money.

And Clark wrote back! He shared those 34 pearls with the wider world, and a few of these ideas can help even the most self-important writers among us get just a little bit better at what we’re all trying to do: share something meaningful with other people.

Here’s a good one (and they’re all good): “The bigger, the smaller. Find objects with stories hiding inside of them.”

Find the universal themes in your own personal experiences.

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