Free money

My financial adviser likes to say, “I like free money and I don’t like inefficiencies.” I end up quoting this line often in my day-to-day interactions at work or wherever.

The first part of the line is kind of specific to his field. He means tax-advantaged investment accounts, mostly. The second part is relatable to anyone, especially those of us in digital news media.

But to impart the full power of the quote, I think it’s necessary to share it all. “I like free money and I don’t like inefficiencies.” The first part, when you think about it, is obvious. Who doesn’t like free money? But the second part, the phrase I actually want to share with colleagues or collaborates, isn’t so obvious. Inefficiencies? Whattaya mean? Our workflow is great! And who has time to litigate this boring-ass internal process stuff, anyway?

It’s when you set these two points together that new opportunities become clear: There’s always more free money to take advantage of in your investment portfolio, and there’s always room to be more efficient, to eliminate friction, to take control of simple processes and achieve your goals calmly and confidently. But you have to identify the inefficiencies before you can implement new efficiencies.

The free money is out there, waiting for you.

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