Published Features

Cleveland Scene

A hit goes wrong in rural Ohio, and a murder case spirals out of control for 23 years

Northeast Ohio’s growing opiate addiction crisis is bittersweet for those needing organ transplants

I travel to the Biggest Week in American Birding to learn, among other things, about birds and climate change

A grieving father helped bring a new model of fighting heroin addiction to Summit County, and it might change everything

Everything you need to know about Ohio’s uncertain medical marijuana law

State laws allowed AT&T to exclude Cleveland’s poorest neighborhoods from high-speed internet service

In the push to carve up Northeast Ohio with natural gas pipelines, property owners are winning so far — but the fight’s not over

East Cleveland residents have complained about the health hazards of the Noble Road dump for years. Is anyone listening?

The U.S. wants to send humans to Mars by the 2030s. Here in Cleveland, NASA engineers are figuring out how to get there

Thousands of absentee and provisional ballots have been thrown out in recent Ohio elections

An examination of where carfentanil came from, and what it’s doing to Ohio opiate addicts

20 years after being wrongfully convicted of murder, three men go free

After 1,200 steel jobs disappeared in one year, Lorain pinches pennies to keep the city on life support


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