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  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty
    • Two “bail disruptors” are putting up money to free people awaiting trial, while working to reform the system (February 2020)
  • Caught Between Here and There
    • Octavius Williams was convicted of attempted murder in 2011. Now, he’s free, but far from finished with his case (February 2020)
  • Consider the Testicle
    • A journey into rural Ohio for the annual Tiro Testicle Festival and a sense of who we are (May 2019)
  • What Happened in Bucyrus?
    • A hit goes wrong in rural Ohio, and a murder case spirals out of control for 23 years (November 2017)
  • Life After Death
    • Northeast Ohio’s growing opiate addiction crisis is bittersweet for those needing organ transplants (August 2017)
  • Come Fly Away
    • What we can learn about saving the planet from watching the birds (June 2017)
  • Call and Response
    • A grieving father helped bring a new model of fighting heroin addiction to Summit County, and it might change everything (June 2017)
  • Red Light, Green Light
    • What you need to know about Ohio’s medical marijuana law, in effect for seven months and changing every day (April 2017)
  • Loading…
    • State laws allowed AT&T to exclude Cleveland’s poorest neighborhood from high-speed internet service (April 2017)
  • A Pipeline Runs Through It
    • In the push to carve up Northeast Ohio with natural gas pipelines, property owners are winning so far, but the fight’s not over (March 2017)
  • Mount Doom
    • East Cleveland residents have complained about the health hazards of the Noble Road dump for years. Is anyone listening? (February 2017)
  • The Next Giant Leap
    • The U.S. wants to send humans to Mars by the 2030s. Here in Cleveland, NASA engineers are figuring out how to get there (January 2017)
  • I Thought I Voted
    • Thousands of absentee and provisional ballots will be tossed out. Here’s why, and how to avoid it (October 2016)
  • When Steel Left Town (Again)
    • After 1,200 steel jobs disappeared in one year, Lorain pinches pennies to keep the city on life support (September 2016)
  • In Recovery
    • Drug courts redefined how we approach the heroin epidemic; besieged in Lorain County, a judge confronts the crisis (March 2016)
  • The Downtown Lowdown
    • The population boom in downtown Cleveland is very real and very good. But how long can it continue? (February 2016)
  • Memorial Days
    • The story of Cleveland’s gang violence is written chapter by chapter with balloons, posters and candles on the city’s streets (October 2015)
  • Under the Big Top
    • The struggle to save (or close) Lakewood Hospital is a circus act with no signs of ending (September 2015)
  • Debt Fest
    • Machine Gun Kelly’s EST fest drew thousands to Nelson Ledges last year. So, where’d the money go? (August 2015)
  • Guitar Man Was Here
    • He’s the hero Cleveland deserves, and the hero Eli Fletcher needs (April 2015)
  • Estate of Emergency
    • Was an 81-year-old wife, mother and grandmother abducted by her own daughter or rescued from a bad situation? (April 2015)
  • Enter Utica
    • The fracking industry really loves Ohio. Here’s what’s on tap for us all (co-bylined with Sam Allard) (February 2015)
  • Forgotten Assault
    • A brutal attack on two transgender women in 2011 foreshadowed several troubling years against the LGBT community in Cleveland and the city’s ill-equipped ability to respond (Third Place, Best Feature in the 2015 AAN Awards) (December 2014)
  • Hired Gun
    • From Lakewood to Baghdad, the evolution of Stony Smith (July 2014)
  • Hung Out to Draw
    • At the crossroads of Cleveland’s often usurious relationship with local artists (May 2014)
  • Gone Daddy Gone
    • Elizabeth Perez served in the Marines, went to college and started a family. Now, she’s fighting immigration laws after her husband was deported to Mexico (May 2014)
  • One Night in Amish Country
    • A butter-churned journey into the heartland for the most exclusive dinner in Northeast Ohio (April 2014)
  • The Battle for East Cleveland
    • With bankruptcy looming (again) and merger talks heating up, a look at how East Cleveland arrived here and what might be next (co-bylined with Sam Allard, Doug Brown, Vince Grzegorek) (March 2014)
  • All the Bars
    • We join the Cleveland Bar Experiment for a night, downing cheap beer and free tequila only to discover that there’s always another drink on the path to visiting every bar in Cleveland (co-bylined with Sam Allard) (March 2014)
  • The Would-Be Kid King of Cuyahoga
    • The race for Cuyahoga County executive was another routine election until one young Republican punk from Berea showed up out of nowhere. Just as quickly, though, he disappeared (February 2014)
  • Team Arthur
    • Meeting Arthur Chu, controversial Jeopardy! champion from Broadview Heights (January 2014)
  • Hunger Games
    • Food stamp benefits have been cut all across Ohio. Here in Cleveland, the hungry and poor are hungrier and poorer than ever (January 2014)
  • The Fall of King Randy
    • How the (former) superintendent of Medina City Schools slashed and burned through the district’s trust and money (November 2013)
  • After the Fire
    • Snitches got Antun Lewis convicted of setting Cleveland’s deadliest house fire. Snitches might now set him free (October 2013)
  • Captive in Ashland
    • The feds charged four people with “forced labor” following a kidnapping case out of Ashland. As the story unfolds it only gets more confusing (July 2013)
  • The Wrong Side of Rights
    • Alfred Cleveland is not a murderer. Alfred Cleveland has spent 16 years in prison for murder (April 2013)
  • The Saga of League Park
    • Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood is hanging on to the past glories of Cy Young. Will its future ever look as bright? (April 2013)
  • Sunk by Sandy
    • Far from the eye of the storm, a woman’s life is upended in Cleveland by Hurricane Sandy (February 2013)
  • Forrest vs. The State of Ohio
    • After a near-fatal shooting, one dog joins the fight against Ohio’s antiquated animal protection laws (January 2013)

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