NYU’s Jay Rosen discusses the state of journalism

Check out this enlightening Q & A session with media scholar Jay Rosen.

Journalism is undergoing a profound (r)evolution. And, for whatever reason, many in the industry refuse to confront the problems at hand. Because that’s what they are right now: “unsolved problems,” as Rosen explains. They will continue to be problems until some kind of paradigm shift brings journalism into an altogether different realm. And we’re past the point of no return by now.

Rosen points out that one of the most significant challenges to news outlets will be determining how to efficiently finance this new wave of journalism. Information gathering will be bent more towards context, rather than the one-way street of pure content. Maintaining a level of journalistic integrity at a low cost (ideally, free of advertising) will remain a topic of concern for a while.

It’s an interesting video for anyone working in the media. And for anyone consuming news.

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