A quiet primary gets loud

May 8, a primary election day for many, offered up two interesting votes:

  • In West Virginia, an incarcerated felon earned 41 percent of the Democratic primary vote
  • And in North Carolina, voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment banning gay marriage in the state

Sure, the W. Va. story offers nothing of consequence for President Obama’s reelection campaign. It’s an interesting footnote in a long succession of primary elections this year, but…

President Obama is expected to discuss his views on gay marriage in an ABC interview to air May 9.Photo via WIRED

The matter in No. Car., however, may be prove to be a sticking point for the duration of the presidential “race.”

This afternoon, ABC will air a portion of an interview with Obama on the subject of gay marriage. As media throughout the country are right to point out, the interview is following hot on the heels of VP Joe Biden’s endorsement of gay marriage.

On one hand, it’s a timely move for the Obama administration as it eyes November. But following that, one has to wonder: Will the North Carolina vote push the notion of a gay marriage referendum to the forefront of the 2012 campaign?

You can bet all-but-official GOP nominee Willard Romney and Obama will go toe-to-toe on this issue in the fall.

As always, though, I’ve gotta ask: Why has this matter become so politicized?


Most, but not all, Native American jurisdictions have no special regulation for marriages between people of the same sex or gender. Due to the Defense of Marriage Act, the federal government is specifically prohibited from recognizing same-sex marriages

Just sayin’…

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