The sounds

I could really take or leave the new Post Malone Hootie cover (?), but thinking about the 25th anniversary of Pokemon reminds me how significant the Red/Blue games were to me: the characters, the sounds, the textures, the humor. This would have been the fifth grade, and world-building of those first two Pokemon games was astounding in its simplicity, its taxonomic explanation of something close to magic. I didn’t get too involved with the later games (and more or less fell out of gaming entirely by the end of high school), but the flashes of grainy 8-bit beats in the background of this new cover tune got me thinking about long-lost sensory details from another era.

The musical themes in those early Pokemon games (the opening, the battle scenes, etc.) aren’t what’s important here, no: It’s the emotional slipstream the sounds conjure in my head.

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